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Published Nov 25, 21
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Constipation (For Teens) in Peoria

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Defecation is a vital function to keep the body healthy. Typically, an individual will need to pass three or more bowel movements per week. Some individuals poop two to three times a day. Constipation occurs when fecal matter hardens in the colon, and it becomes difficult to have a bowel movement.

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A more relaxing approach to natural bowel relief can be through stretching and practicing yoga. Yoga, especially involving twisting motion of the torso, can also squeeze the intestines so that the stool loosens in the colon. Seated twist and supine twist are two yoga positions that incorporate twisting the torso.

Fiber Eating enough fiber can contribute to a healthy digestive system as well as weight loss. The daily recommendation for dietary fiber consumption is 25 to 30 grams of fiber. Fiber can be soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber gives stool density, while insoluble fiber can contribute to the pace in which it moves through the colon.

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Castor oil A natural laxative, castor oil derived from the castor bean can be taken orally to stimulate a bowel movement. Not only does this ancient oil lubricate the intestines, but it also causes the intestines to contract. Take castor oil as directed, one to two teaspoons on an empty stomach.

7. Coffee Drinking caffeinated coffee can stimulate a bowel movement. Caffeine can cause the muscles in the intestines to contract. This stimulation can move the stool toward the rectum. Though caffeinated coffee can help move bowels, it can also be dehydrating. Be sure to drink plenty of water when drinking caffeinated beverages, as not to worsen the condition.

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Senna Senna is an herb that utilizes the leaf, flower, and fruit of the cassia plant. It’s been used for thousands of years as a natural laxative. Senna is a stimulant laxative that helps the digestive tract to contract. Often drunk as a tea, senna can be very effective and work within several hours after consumption.

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It can also help with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and hemorrhoids. 9. Tea Warm liquids can be soothing to the digestive and gastrointestinal systems. Certains teas such as ginger and peppermint help upset stomachs. Below is a list of teas that could prove to be helpful if you are experiencing constipation: This warming spice generates heat and speeds up digestion.

14. Milk and ghee While consuming too much dairy or dairy products can sometimes lead to constipation, some people can benefit from warm milk to stimulate the bowels, especially when ghee is added. Ghee is clarified butter and an ancient healing tool. Ayurvedic practices have used ghee for its healing properties for thousands of years.

Eating prunes or drinking prune juice is not just for senior citizens. A six-ounce glass of prune juice every morning could be the remedy to end constipation. If you don’t like prunes, eating raisins or figs will provide a similar function. Dried fruit has more fiber than drinking prune juice, but both have a natural laxative quality.

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Baking soda Baking soda, another household staple, can be used to clean out the colon. Make a solution of one teaspoon of baking soda to approximately one-fourth cup of warm water. The baking soda reacts with stomach acids to stimulate a bowel movement. Constipation medications In addition to home remedies for constipation, over-the-counter (OTC) products can also be beneficial in stimulating a bowel movement.

The liquid from the enema flushes stool from the bowels. Although enemas are safe and easy to use, there are warnings about over-using this method. Suppositories Another treatment for constipation includes laxative suppositories, which are inserted into the rectum. A glycerine tablet suppository can relieve mild to moderate constipation. Once inserted, the suppository begins to melt.

Suppositories can be a gentle and fast-acting tool to relieve constipation. When to see a doctor for constipation Most individuals have experienced some form of constipation in their lifetime. While constipation can go away on its own, it is helpful to know what can ease the discomfort of this common ailment.

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Untreated constipation can lead to an impacted bowel. Constipation may be a symptom of a greater health concern, consult your doctor or healthcare professional if you have not had a bowel movement within a two- to three-week period of time. Furthermore, medical assistance may be needed if you are experiencing severe abdominal pain or concerning blood in the constipated stool.

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The healthy range is usually considered to be from three times per week up to three times per day. Many things can affect the ability to poop, from diet or illness to a change in routine. A laxative is a medication that encourages a bowel movement. There are also some natural remedies that can be used as alternatives.

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